Tyalla Capital tree bark textureTyalla Capital tree bark texture

Empowering private capital to tackle some of the world’s most significant challenges

Project Description

Tyalla Capital is a boutique private investment company & family office committed to generating profits with purpose. Quiet Mind was invited to partner with the Melbourne-based start-up to help shine a light on today's evolving investment space and set a benchmark for new B2B finance companies.

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Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Website Design

Tyalla Capital colour palette

Named after the Gumtree, Tyalla Capital makes use of the Gum-leaf through strict minimality to present a conservative yet hyper-modern aesthetic. Met with the representation of Tyalla’s 3 business pillars and an upward trajectory, a natural beauty emanates through the brands communication style and considered identity decisions.

Tyalla Capital logo lockup proportioningTyalla Capital icon on paper

Quiet Mind developed a website guided by a traditionalist approach fused with new thinking. The digital platform was designed to be clean, well organised and pertain a clear breakdown of information and storytelling. Pop-ups and an intuitive footer were designed to help to display information without the written overwhelm.

Tyalla Capital laptop website mockupTyalla Capital mobile website mockup

The Problem

Finance companies typically embody corporate branding norms, are overbearing or cluttered and host uninspired aesthetics that fail to represent the values of their founders. This approach can struggle to inspire businesses to engage in their services or trust the authentic nature of a company.

The Solution

An identity that’s timeless and paired with a welcoming palette that incorporates natural elements to wholly represent Tyalla’s philosophy. A brand carries a legacy aesthetic and warmly welcomes mature generations to engage with new ideas.

Tyalla Capital logo on sand dunesTyalla Capital paper template
Tyalla Capital envelope with tree bark texture

The Tyalla brand is vulnerable, allows space for taking risks and is deeply respected by it’s directors and clients alike.

Tyalla Capital advertisement on subway screen
Tyalla Capital book cover

In addition to Tyalla’s core company offerings, Tyalla Foundation exclusively supports environmental conservation and mental health with 10% of profits placed aside for the cause. “Just like Australia’s majestic eucalyptus trees, which live for more than 200 years, Tyalla Capital are here for the long haul to create a better and more beautiful world.”

Tyalla Foundation orange logo

Words from Tyalla Capital
James Ostroburski, Founder

I’ve had the great pleasure to build some exceptional brands in my recent career. The relationship between a marketing team & brand agency can either create headaches or magic. Tyalla Capital’s experience with Quiet Mind was nothing short of magic. It has been rare in my career to build such an elegant brand without years of development and investment. Quiet Mind have really helped us build our profile digitally and we are very grateful to continue to work with Henry and the team.