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Welcome to Quiet Mind, a place where the artistry of brand meets a philosophy of balance. We are a purpose-driven brand studio, formed by a collective of minds with a mosaic of diverse expertise, experience and thought. Partnering with pioneering companies and visionary founders, we craft brand experiences that shift the trajectory toward a planet in balance.

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Henry Jarman
Creative Director

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Daniel Wells-Smith
Art Director

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Jacqueline Alanne

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Kristian Moir
Website Developer

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Kieren Black

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Jack Turner
Film + Photo

Juach Ceyr

Juach Cyer
Non-Executive Director

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Ross Hocking
Non-Executive Director

Balance Philosophy

We believe that great brands are those created in harmony with their communities and the needs of our natural world. Working from a philosophy of balance, we synchronise the essence of brand with all things - both living and non living. Embracing the principle that true resonance stems from harmony, we guide our partners toward a state of equilibrium where brand, authenticity, community and the earth intersect.

Quiet Process


No matter the noise of the mind, travel to the centre and there you'll find stillness. Mind is all about self-discovery, understanding the essence of your brand, and establishing a foundation rooted in authenticity. Mind is explorative, knows no boundaries, yet seeks the centre. This centre holds knowledge of how your brand can thrive and contribute meaningfully, unearthing ways of aligning with the broader visions of environmental consciousness and community welfare. Every brand has pathways to balance.


To materialise imagination and transition from Mind to Matter. Drawing on the insights gained from Mind, we meticulously bring your brand to life across elected mediums and channels through compelling visual elements, strategic messaging and interactive, considered digital experiences. Matter is the delivery of brand at all touch points. Keeping focus on circular and social impact, we collaboratively craft a brand presence that not only captivates but fosters a legacy of harmony and intention.


A reflection on the journey and outcomes achieved together. Mirror is a humble and important introspection into the soul of your brand at the point of which it's shared with the world. Having journeyed along the Quiet Process, Mirror offers a reflection on the authenticity, values, internal resonance and embedded impact your brand will carry. Here we look back to look forward. By consciously acknowledging the place we land, we cultivate and inspire action for the future.

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Creative Partnership


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and is proven to propel brilliant creative outcomes. We welcome collaboration with other creatives, agencies, service providers or experts you would like to appoint to your project.

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Together, we engage in the natural exploration of our interconnectedness to foster relationships with our partners that transcend the usual. We are fuelled by a curiosity for the world and the profound truths that shape our collective experience.


To break free from the constraints of convention and inspire. Disruption enables us to reimagine possibilities and use creativity to propel industries, ideas, and experiences forward. Disruption paves the way to the new systems forming our future landscape.


We foster a culture of brand thinking, design and creativity, encouraging our team to challenge conventions, experiment, and infuse each project with a fresh perspective that compliments the ambitions of the brand.


Amidst the pervasive overstimulation that characterises the modern working world, we endeavour to cultivate an oasis of tranquility for those journeying through the transformation or inception of brand.


Every design choice carries an ecological impact. We embody a practice that harmonises creativity with the health of our planet. Our earth drives us to approach design consciously and pioneer solutions that integrate with our natural surroundings.


We recognise challenges as opportunities for growth. Grit empowers us to persevere through obstacles in an understanding that resilience is the backbone of success. In tough times, we stand strong, breathe and unite.