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Medical for a close community

Project Description

Prioritising excellence and providing family focused healthcare since 1898, Hyde Park Medical Clinic welcomes you to experience the medical care you deserve.

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Unley, South Australia


Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Website Design

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The Problem

Established in 1898, Hyde Park Medical Clinic has formed an unwavering foundation built on excellent service and a deep trust with their community. Their brand and digital presence, however, failed to meet the standard of the clinic and was in need of a major overhaul.

The Solution

A new logo is purposed to reimagine the past but step into the present. As the clinic steps forward into further growth and inhabits a new home in Moncrieff House, the brand evolves into a modern, trustworthy and timeless identity. The icon remains consistent with the clinic’s strong family values to both honour these and not depart nor become unfamiliar with current clientele.

Hyde Park Medical Clinic signage

Quiet Mind developed a new, comprehensive website with a strong focus on user experience and ease of navigation for priority booking and information access.

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The new website resulted with strong traffic over a 6 month timeline and is currently averaging 40 users per day.

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Hyde Park Medical Clinic signage

Words from Hyde Park Medical Clinic

The Quiet Mind team understood what we wanted to achieve from our first meeting. Their approach recognised the history of our brand while providing a contemporary feel. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them.