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The "Hidden Place" of Bellingen

Project Description

Eden is one of Bellingen’s most adored places by locals and visitors alike. Birthed for community, Eden is an icon for how a place can balance the warmth of welcome and acceptance with a deep conceptual underpinning. Quiet Mind was invited to reimagine Eden and assist in it’s transition away from a ‘cafe

Project type



Bellingen, Australia


Business Consultancy
Brand Identity
Graphic Design


Jalissa Piatscheck

Eden logo and iconEden icon engraved in wood
Eden printed menuEden sushi and soy sauce
Eden fruit and vegetablesEden newspapers in box
Eden coffee on wooden table

The Problem

Eden was born as a ‘cafe’ on impulse out of the need for a more open environment the township of Bellingen. Without any particular approach or brand strategy, 6 months into operation saw the establishment put roots down amongst community, yet, found itself wondering ‘what are we?’.

The Solution

A revitalised logo, new strategic approach and refined brand direction were developed as part of the ‘cafe’s’ maturing step. No longer identifying as a cafe, Eden became labelled as ‘Hidden Place’ and adopted it’s brand and messaging to suit.

Eden staned glass window
Eden wooden door frame

3D interpretations of the existing icon were created to amplify the experience and take the brand into a dimensional space.

Eden 3D icon
Eden tree branches black and whieEden flowers
Eden coffee close upEden bread close up

We look forward to working with Eden as they evolve their business model over the coming years.