Bai Long Store

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A special render of the icon we created for Bai Long Store. Designed as an iteration of the Chinese character ‘Bai’, meaning ‘White’, the middle stroke was rotated 90 degrees upright to conceptually depict the eye of a dragon.‘Long’ means Dragon, completing the translation; Bai Long, the White (or invisible) Dragon. Always watching over the corner of Hutt and Wakefield Street.

An experimental concept brought to life as a sister store to Gin Long Canteen in North Adelaide, Bai Long Store is perched on the corner of Wakefield and Hutt Street in Adelaide’s CBD and serves as a riddle to guests.

Bai Long translates to White Dragon - its name laying the foundation for the conceptual direction taken for the project. Rather than pursuing the idea of a white dragon literally, we proposed the notion of an invisible dragon and by extension, working to perceive the store as the dragon itself. Dining in Bai Long is sitting in the belly of the beast, each component of the dragon broken down and placed in abstract throughout the interior and exterior decor with graphics and signage to further prompt the concept.

With special mention to collaborators, Studio Gram, for their work on the project’s Architecture, Interior Design and creative direction.
Concept, Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging, Signage

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Collaborators & Credits:
Studio Gram (Architecture & Interior Design)

Adelaide, South Australia

Henry Jarman, Jack Turner
Some say that all things in life need balance; a black to the white.

A searcher of balance flows through the lands and the winds, reaching for the fabled pearl.
It stretches its neck to the sky, where the sun watches from its peak and it lowers its tail to the ground. Here the seeds spread their roots and the people come together.

They warm their body with food and wine, indulge their heart with treats and sweets and calm their soul with tea they share. And once the searcher takes the last sip at the height of the moon...

It becomes Bai Long, the white dragon.
Bai Long restaurant photo
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