Nativis ring on stainless steelNativis ring on stainless steel

An ode to the earth and the beauty upon her

Project Description

Made from recycled materials, a small range of precious stones and crafted by hand, Nativis is an ode to the earth and the beauty upon her. Quiet Mind created an identity that captured the delicacy, structure confined within her creations.

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Adelaide, Australia


Graphic Design

Nativis business cardNativis ring on stone slabsNativis paper colour swatchesNativis rings on stone slabsNativis envelope on brown background

The Problem

Nativis was a brand built as the result of a hobby and love for handcrafted, intentional jewellery. Without a strong identity, the business was struggling to meaningfully progress.

The Solution

A new logo and simplistic brand style was established, empowering the business to step forward and build brand equity away from the hobbyist nature of its origins.

Nativis icon on mountain range

The primary logo typeface is used to emphasise headings throughout an expressive rollout, accompanied by a simple, sans-serif typeface to achieve visual harmony.

Nativis ring on stainless steel
Nativis ring on stainless steelNativis ring on stainless steel

Words from Nativs
Elly Pepper, Founder

Quiet Mind are incredible. Taking the time to understand my story and core values, they have aided in creating an identity for my brand that is beautiful, concise and envelops the energy of myself and the business. The process was well-communicated, seamless and in a big way, transformative. I was given a new and professional face for my humble garage-born work, and I'm ever grateful!