We were invited by Huhme, a former Ray-White franchise, to conceptualise and brand their new Real Estate venture. Huhme is transparent and honest, and believes in homes for all humans. Human + Home = Huhme.

Project Type
Real Estate
Jack Turner
Adelaide, South Australia



Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Website Design



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Founder, Kirsty, emphasised the clutter and overbearing nature of today's Real Estate market. The new company needs to feel friendly, professional, highly approachable and most importantly, give its customers room to breathe. This inspired the minimalist type-based logo and broad use of negative space throughout the brand. A subtle connection of the 'H' and 'h' forms a roof to emphasise the 'u', or you, in your home.

"Let us show you how you can grow your investment while finding and maintaining happy tenants, delivering outstanding results for your property investment."

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Huhme website for sale page

In following the minimalist nature of the brand, we worked closely with the team to research and determine the essential navigation and filtering tools required for Huhme's website. This resulted in a stripped-back user interface, ensuring a light, easy experience when browsing the agency's available properties.

Huhme mobile website mockup

Quiet Mind worked with local videographer, Jack Turner, to plan and direct the brands' media and various marketing videos, featuring both on the website and at the forefront of the awareness campaigns. Emphasis was placed on the feel-good nature of Huhme's offering and their wonderful track record of human-centric service.

Brand Video
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Huhme business cards
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Huhme signage mockups

Signage was designed and curated as part of Huhme's reimagined office location on Carrington Street. A combination of 3D lettering and simple window vinyl.

Huhme office door signageHuhme office large signageHuhme office door signage
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Huhme for sale board

"You worked hard to secure your property investment; let’s ensure it works overtime for you. Place your property safely in our hands and know we value communication and your investment growth above all else. We can take care of things, giving you room to breathe."

"For our experienced team of agents and property managers, real estate is not a brand new venture, but Huhme is our next human-centric adventure. After 23 years, Huhme is a project from the heart and was born of aspiration for a new way to engage with kindness and respect in Real Estate."

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