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Digital marketing, for humans

Project Description

Format help build ambitious businesses through their expertise in marketing. We were invited to develop a refreshed identity to draw parallels to a human-centric approach alongside new web and social assets.

Project type

Modelling Agency


Adelaide, Australia


Graphic Design
Website Design

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The Problem

The Format Digital brand was too digital. As the brand evolved and found new ways of engaging with their customers, the need to update the brand to something more humanist became ever present.

The Solution

A reworked typographic treatment to incorporate rounded elements, a new interactive website and designed social assets were rolled out with a strong focus on 3D to retain the brand undercurrent of digital nature.

Words from Format Digital
Patrick Edwards, Founder

I recently engaged Quiet Mind to take us in a new direction. The workflow was clear, conscious and reassuring and I am thrilled with the results, Feedback from others has been phenomenal, and we have already seen an uplift in enquiries since relaunching. Quiet Mind are the careful creators and custodians of my brand. Could not recommend them more.