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A personal project with the aim of pushing packaging boundaries. 
Inspired by Japanese culture and the history of the Samurai, Bushido is a written short story that’s been brought to life through the illustrations on the label.
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Yuki was born into a code of honor, a world of craft and nobility, a world of Bushido.
His brothers lived and died by the sword - but Yuki followed another path.

He made whisky by day until his hair turned grey. Decades spent perched on the mountain tip as songbirds sang amongst towering trees. Mythical streams ran like wildfire, glistening under the amber sun and bringing minute details to every batch, until one day, it felt just right. Glowing orange and smelling rose, it brought warmth to his heart in the bluest of moods and a smile to his face with every taste.

In memory of Yuki and the age of the Samurai, that recipe remains untouched and held in your hands.
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