A Quiet Perspective

January 20, 2022

Our story to now.

Convene Studio, our little studio of yesterday was quickly brought to life on the cusp of Covid in early 2020. Other projects and aspirations at the time were put on pause, with no real certainty as to when they might be pursuable again. It was a scramble of sorts, to birth a brand that would allow space to morph and change as both we, and the world took time to reconfigure things.

Over the last couple of years and amongst the Covid rollercoaster, we’ve been blessed to be involved with some inspiring projects and continued to check in on the question of where we’re going along the way. For us, the somewhat isolatory nature of the last little while allowed for both an introspection and deeper dive into what we value most us as a studio. Enquiring as to what feels good within the design space landed at our relationships with clients. The client opens the door to other perspectives and walks of life - we’ve found ourselves in a happy place being a part of their stories as clients become friends and their journey entwines with ours.

As time’s gone on, our studio’s matured - as have we and as we all do. With a growing interest in brand and the birth of new projects, the time felt right to specialise and pursue the art of branding. The idea brought about a brainstorm for our own branding story which, I suppose, brings us to now. With work abroad and the desire to be close to community and nature, we’ve moved out of the city and into the hills. With the move and coming of a new year, the time had arrived to focus on our own rebrand.

So, why Quiet Mind? It stems from a place close to home - wellbeing and a care for the body and mind. There seems to be an evolving and inseparable relationship between a quiet mind and creativity. A space that allows for problem solving and navigating the boundaries of a brief - a moment of stillness, whether it be in meditation or in thought can spark the brightest idea. These are the moment’s we’ve come to cherish.

Launching this website has been quite the journey. The demand of client work, need to support ourselves, and ongoing adaption within the evolving world climate hasn’t placed the rebrand, nor building of a website at the top of the priority list. Now, however, we feel we’ve arrived in clarity. 2022 feels good and we’re here for it. We’re looking forward to asking more questions outward and just as many inward, exploring possibilities, pushing boundaries, sharing stories and building on the connections that have made everything possible until now. 

Here’s to the next chapter.

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